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Using Green Making Services

Thank you for your interest in Green Making, the local community for building green homes. You can access our services through our website and through groups sponsored by Green Making on other platforms, such Instructions for using the Green Making website are given below.

One of the key services of Green Making is to promote events in our main service areas (the San Francisco Bay Area and the Portland Oregon Area) we think will be interesting to our members. Events listed by our members appear on the Events page of our website, and are posted to the appropriate groups on Meetup. We generally send a listing of key events to members of our Meetup groups once a week (except during the end-of-year holidays).

Green Making also maintains a presence on other social media sites, such as Facebook.

For more information about our privacy policy, visit our Privacy and Data Retention Policy page.

How To Use the Green Making Website

Navigating the Green Making Website

Collapsed view of full services menuCollapsed view of full services menu

Each service on our website is presented on a main service page, reached by clicking its icon in the services menu (see image, left) and subpages for that service. The top-most icon on the services menu is the Menu icon, which will expand the services menu (see image, right) and show the name of each icon. After expanding the menu, you may click on the X at its top to collapse it again.

Some services, like Settings, have their own menu bar, which allows you to more easily reach subpages.

The right column of each page is a description area. It has a login area, followed by an explanation of the service and how to use the page. The service is provided in the middle column between the service menu and the description area.

Connect With the Green Making Community

The Connect page allows you to connect with other members in the Green Making community. You must create an account on the Green Making site to access the community, and then you must create your own community profile. Create a Green Making account by clicking the Sign-up link in the Login box in the right column. Once you have an account, click the Join button on the Connect page to accept community membership and set up a community profile.

Once you are a member of the community you can offer resources to it. Resources are goods, services, or information you have to offer. Other members of the community can contact you when they are interested in your resource.

Resources are publicized to the general public, as well as the community. The difference is that when a community member offers them to the community they can offer an additional benefit to other community members and they can set up a notification for interest. In offering a benefit, the resource provider sets up a promo code for other community members to use. This promo code helps the provider track business coming to them from the Green Making community. It also helps verify that the buyer is entitled to some benefit. That benefit can be a price break or additional service provided with the resource. Setting up a notification allows resource providers to become aware when they may have a buyer, so that they can respond immediately and provide the resource more quickly.

Members can also present their initiatives. When you publish an initiative, others can offer to support it. The site will notify you when someone offers support, but it is up to you to initiate a contact with that person if you want to connect.

The community is very protective of your privacy, with a demand pull model of communication. Where most services use an information push model, inundating you with advertisements for things you might possibly want sometime in the future, Green Making makes support available for you to find resources when you need them.


Green Making curates videos on topics we believe are interesting to our members. The Videos page provides a catalog of such topics. Click one of the topics to see a list of videos with their descriptions. If you want to see the video, you can click the Show Video link to see it on the Videos page in a viewer or click the link following View at to see it on its native site (such as YouTube).

In the viewer, you will see a brief description of the video, followed by statistics that show how many times this video has been viewed on the Green Making website and how many Likes it has recevied. You can click the yellow Like button to add your recommendation for it.

At the bottom of the Videos page you can click the Show Video link to suggest a video we should add to our collection.


Green Making sponsors Meetup groups in the San Francisco Bay Area and the Portland Oregon Area. Each group gathers in-person and online events we believe are interesting to our members. Members are encouraged to list events they know about on our calendar, which can be reach by clicking the Events icon.

Because Green Making encourages local community, events are listed based on geographical area. For members who have logged into our site, events in the geographical area that includes their Zip Code are listed first, followed by online events. Users can click the Find an Area link to see additional areas.

Members are encouraged to click the List Your Event button to add an event to our calendar. To list an event you must either be logged into the site or have an access code. Access codes are sent to businesses to allow them to quickly list events.

On the Enter Event Details page, users add information about the event. Green Making requires exact details about the event, such as pricing, starting and ending times, and a Zip Code. This allows us to properly place the event in an appropriate Meetup group, as well as ensuring our audience understands enough about the event to make an intelligent decision whether to attend. (The titles for required fields are bold.)

After entering information about the event, click the View Listing button to see how this event will appear on our website. If you want to make any changes, simply go back to the form and make them, then click the View Listing button again. When you are satisfied with your listing, click the Save Event button to save the information to our site. Along with the listing you will see an Associated Meetup Listing field. If your event already appears on Meetup, you can paste the URL for the event in this field.

Events will be listed on the calendar on our website. We will place a copy of the event listing on the appropriate Meetup group when we become aware of the event. This may take a few days, so please allow plenty of lead time.

Fine points:

  1. If you try to paste anything into the Event Description field you will get a dialog box showing direct paste is disabled. You can paste into the dialog box and click its Paste button to enter text from your clipboard into the field. The text will be cleaned to protect our website.
  2. If the event is not free, plase uncheck the Free to the Public checkbox under Price and indicate the most common dollar amount in the Price for Public Admission field. If there are complex pricing options, enter them in the Additional Pricing Options field.
  3. Most events are single sessions on a single day. However, if you have multi-day events, change the Time Period field. When you change this field (and click on a different field, such as the Date field), you will see a separate line in the Schedule section for each day of the event. Not only will you get fields for starting and ending times for each date, you get an additional line where you can describe what happens that day. This is particularly convenient for conferences, because you can say what kinds of sessions are available each day.
  4. If your event is online (such as an online class), check the This is a broadcast or online event checkbox. Instead of a street address, you will be asked just to describe the type of event.
  5. If you don't want to publicize the event address (for example, if it is a private residence), check the The location of the event is private checkbox. Instead of a street address and the city and state, you will only be required to provide a location name and a postal code (Zip Code). The location name, city, and state will be shown without the street address.
  6. When you enter the address, we suggest you enter the street address and the Zip Code before the city and state. The site will look up the city and state values for you from the U.S. Post Office and fill those fields.
  7. If your location has a name (like San Francisco City Hall) put that in the Location Name field to help people find the event. The address fields also include a Room or Building field, where you can name the specific place at an address where the event occurs, for example a floor number.

Green Making sends an e-mail message weekly to our Meetup groups (except during the end-of-year holidays). This message contains featured events within the geographical area for that group, plus listings for nearby geos and online events. To ensure your event is featured, please enter its details on the Events page!


Green Making has a public resources page, where we list resources beneficial to the general public. When a community member lists a resource, public information about the resource appears on the Resource page. For those logged into Green Making, resources appropriate for their geographical area appear first, followed by resources available nationally or online.

Generally, the name of the resource appears at the start of the listing. Clicking on the name will open a tab or window for a webpage for that resource maintained by the resource provider. Some providers are also Green Making sponsors, who have been provided an expanded page on the Green Making site to describe their offerings. Click the Go To Our Community button to open the community page for that resource.

Click on the See All Resources button at the bottom of the list to see events in all areas, or pick a geographical area to see events there. To find events in a specific area, click the Find an Area button. If you know the area ID, you can enter it in the Area ID box and click See Areas by ID .

Home Samples

Green Making collects examples of green homes across the country. These homes represent what people are actually doing to build or remodel houses using green principles.

Homes are shown for the area of your account (or everywhere, if you are not logged in). In addition, home samples are shown that are available nationwide, internationally, or online (virtual).

Click on the See All Areas button at the bottom of the list to see events in all areas, or pick a geographical area to see events there. To find events in a specific area, click the Find an Area button. If you know the area ID, you can enter it in the Area ID box and click See Areas by ID .

Account Settings

Collapsed view of account settings menu

You must be logged in to edit your account settings. The Settings page allows you to change your account display name. If you are community member, you can also use this page to change your community name.

On the Settings page, the services menu changes to show three additional pages (see image, right):

  1. The Preferences page allows you to control settings for your website account. This includes your language, time zone, e-mail address, and password.
  2. The Community Profile page allows you to control settings for your community profile. This allows you to set up goals and initiatives, offer resources, and set up notifications.
  3. The Policies page shows policies for all Green Making services, including the website. From here you can view the Privacy and Data Retention Policy page.

About Us

Collapsed view of About Us menu

The About Us page explains the purpose and the general operation of Green Making. Green Making is the local community for building green homes. We connect you with those nearby that also want to improve the construction, remodeling, and use of homes using ecologically-friendly, sustainable methods.

When you are on the About Us page you can pick the Contact page from the services menu to send a message to the Green Making staff. The service menu changes to provide an icon to get to the Contacts page (see image, right).