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Popular Videos

Visit the Videos page to learn how to make your home green. Find out about construction materials, air quality, new urbanism, sustainable neighborhoods, and many other important aspects of green building in our library of selected videos. We search the world so you don't have to!

Meetup Groups

In the San Francisco Bay Area and the Portland Oregon Area Green Making sponsors groups on You can join Meetup for free. Benefits:

  • Green Making sends a weekly notice of all events we think interest our members, regardless of who hosts the event.
  • Members can meet in person with others in the Green Making community.
  • Watching people participate in the community gives you a much better understanding of that person, helping you choose which vendors to work with.

Home Samples

Green Making tracks intesting green building projects by geographical area. This allows you to understand what kinds of green construction is common to a geographical area. Visit our Home Samples page for more information.


It's incredibly easy to join Green Making. Just click the Sign-up link in the Login box and tell us your home base. Once you join we present information for your area whenever you log in. Unlike the big search engines, what you see always applies to you! Get your free membership today.